Our 4M Vision

Our vision is:

“we are becoming a growing 4M (Missional, Multicultural, Multigenerational, and Multi-ministerial) Christian community in the greater Vancouver area.”

Being missional means that every ministry that we are going to do is to carry out our mission together, “to Learn, to Lead, to Live, to Love, for Christ together!”  The outcome is that our members are going to grow in their journey of following Christ while they are living out the 4L mission.

For us, being missional also means we are going to:

  • grow and commission our people to be missionaries.
  • support missional works and organizations;
  • support our people to get trained to become pastors and priests;
  • plant churches;
  • service the community;
  • make a positive impact on the society, the family, and the individuals;

Our missional mindset will drive us to reach out to the people in the community.   We will invite and welcome people from different cultures and of different ages.  To address their needs, we are going to develop different ministries to meet the needs of the people in different cultures and of different ages.   In the end, we are bringing joy, hope, transformation, meaning, and abundance to the life of the people with our witness and proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ.  In this way, our members are serving together in both unity and diversity.  That’s what Christ calls his followers to learn and grow in love.